Why You Shouldn’t Use the Company’s Website

Almost all business network companies provide sole traders with corporate websites with names, emails, and phone numbers. There are lot of reasons for which you can thing that, why a business needs a website. I cringe every time I see an evil spirit posting on their company’s website. If you are passionate about making money online, you need a better website.

The Company’s website should only be used to register people. It’s never the first thought customers get of your business. Here are 4 things you shouldn’t use on a business website.


  1. Media coverage!

Almost all business websites contain little information. This site aims to inform potential customers about everything from payment plans to the contents of each product and company policies.

Simplicity is key when it comes to expectations! The vision does not have to know everything at first sight. Submit them to a website that focuses on more and easier sites with revenue measurement and great videos to do better.


  1. No name!

It’s not easy to remember and it makes you look like an amateur. If your vision is not known to you before, they will not be satisfied after your subdomain for them.

3. No attitude!

The Company’s website does not identify you. Better yet, just your name, maybe a small photo, and a phone number. It’s not sufficient. You want your website to look like you. The company’s website just can’t do it for you.

4.No way to capture data!

The most important reason why you should not use the Company’s website is that there is no way to capture future information. You will always want to have an optional form giving their name and email address before they can receive good information. This means they can visit your website and business via email without signing up right away. Otherwise, you will lose it forever. This alone can cost thousands of dollars!

Now that you know the truth, you’ll never have to sell on a bad business website again. Create memorable, well-clicked pages and save more people instantly!

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I wish you good!