What Makes Rock Handmade Jewellery So Special?  

As trends whiz by at a stunning rate of knots and the gamble- down period still lingers indeed though we’re talking with an environmental knowledge, there’s an volition that islands the gap between precious fine jewellery & cheap plastic fashion jewellery. Explore the magic of Rocks in handwrought jewellery.

There’s a true art to producing unique designs in contemporary jewellery and you can be sure to find a style that suits you. Most importantly you can be assured in the knowledge that a piece has been handwrought by someone locally who has concentrated their creative study, care and attention on working out detail and frequently handwrought jewellery pieces are vended as unique one-off or limited edition particulars or indeed workshop of art.

Compare handwrought jewellery to mass produced developer jewellery or disposable jewellery that can be plant on every high road corner and you’ll clearly feel and see the difference. Handwrought jewellery will allows command attention, it frequently inspires those who appreciate luxury products. Handwrought jewellery may frequently feature rocks, also known as affordable luxuries, as small contrivers can not command the same price for their jewellery that large design houses do, so it’s clearly a worthwhile investment copping from small independent jewellery developer/ maker.

Rocks are so under rated in terms of jewellery and are frequently over looked by high end retailers and purchasers who prefer plain precious essence of tableware or gold simply for versatility. Rock jewellery holds similar conspiracy and seductiveness yet only a small quantum of jewellery contrivers choose to incorporate them. Maybe it’s just a question of versality, but there’s so important to a rock that makes them a great choice as an invest particularly in handwrought jewelelry that will stand the test of fashion and time.

Whilst it’s fair to say that Fine jewellery signifies hefty price markers, rocks do not frequently fall into the order of fine jewellery. Fine Jewellery is nominated by old fashion design houses who have been making golf-ball sized Harry Winston style bling for decades. But there’s an in-between which infrequently basks in the spotlight and does not really fall into any order other than rocks orsemi-precious rocks generally plant in handwrought jewellery that can offer exclusivity and the unique/ luxury label that fine jewellery offers, but without the price.

Rocks offer such a magnific array of colours in just as numerous price groups that it seems crazy the uber trendy contrivers do not feel to use coloured rocks more frequently in design. And it’s clear that there are many jewellery contrivers willing to take pitfalls with colour, as with threat comes expenditure, so frequently spare towards the assiduity stand rocks of yester- time and most precious monuments similar as White Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire & Emeralds (all these are substantially treated), although we’re seeing a little more Tourmaline entering the request.

It’s fair to say that some rocks have shown emotional increases in value, by over to 30 in recent times, proving they are investment worth, similar as Tanzanite, Aquamarine, Spinel, Garnet and Imperial Topaz frequently plant in handwrought jewellery. Not to mention the endless and amazing new colours submerging the gem request of Corundum Quartz, the new bone to watch, that contrivers are fully spoilt for choice