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how to aument your sperm -

This is where I'm currenly at. To start, maybe do half of what I suggested and work your way up to this. Within a month you'll notice that muscle down there is harder and even bulging a little. You can also do edging very effectively and your ejaculate force is phenomenal compared to before the exercises. GOOD LUCK and make your wife happy! Mar 19, 2018 · Sperm density refers to how much sperm is in semen -- the higher the density, the more sperm there is in the semen. Semen volume refers to the total amount of fluid. The relationship between volume and density is one area where there has been a lot of very good scientific research, conducted mostly in the context of fertility.

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Condoms block male sperm from fertilizing the female egg. They create a barrier that makes sure fertilization does not occur. Condoms come in many different types on material such as thin latex rubber or polyurethane additionally male condoms provide a lubricant for use and a spermicidal to destroy the sperm. When couples try to get pregnant on their own (yes, fertility doctors approve of having a sex life and getting pregnant without our help) a limiting factor will sometimes be egg quality. She may have regular monthly menstrual cycles and have sex on the perfect day for the sperm and egg to have a date.