Some Attractive Spotify Websites

1. Order my Spotify
Only my Spotify is still called ‘What’s your Spotify?’

This site has been described by its developers as a “satirical project” and pointed out that they use “fake music-loving artificial intelligence” rather than real intelligence.

ordered my spotify
The way it works is that it’s important to use Spotify data to make jokes about your musical tastes.

In other words, he insults you!

The information stored on the album, genre, artist and background of the most popular songs on Spotify is regularly presented in a variety of reviews in fact and impact. .

This project does not store Spotify data. This is a significant addition to the importance of online privacy today. As stated in our privacy policy, when you sign in with Spotify, the web application creates an opportunity to play popular songs, recent songs and playlists. You can read more about Spotify Stats

When you leave, this entry disappears until you return.

If you want a quick laugh, this site is for you.

2. Reception
Simple but important! It’s nice to see the most popular songs in “received” mode!

Welcome to the Spotify website
You can see popular songs from last month, last 6 months and anytime. Indicate the number of minutes for each song, then display all songs at the bottom of the receipt.

I find this to be the best way to get your Instagram story out there. One of my favorites on this list.

It makes you want to make a playlist of the most popular songs.

3. obscured
Take it! It is very special and no other website has seen a website like this. Everything you need to know about listening habits.

Hide Web Screenshots
It shows you your top format. I found a format that I did not know at all. Electropop is one of them. So they are quite special which I like. Another thing it tells you is your “uncertain measurement”. Anonymous rating allows you to compare your music with other music from selected countries. You can select your country from any country from USA to India or Finland.

So your music sounds louder or louder?

A more imprecise instrument means that you are not listening to “louder” music. This site also tells you what you think!

Let us know if your music makes you happier, sadder or angrier than usual. It also shows you information such as the music dance.

Another very special feature is the chapter of the year.

“By the Year” showcases ten years of musical taste. 10 best games of the year!

disappear over time
My house was in 2010, and it surprised me.

But what I like the most about this special is that it shows you your current favorite songs and your favorite songs from all 10 years. Finally, the website recommends new songs and you can create a new Spotify playlist full of recommendations!

4. Spotify Statistics
If you want to know the best musicians and artists, this site is for you.

Statistics on Spotify
When you click on Top Tracks or Top Artists, you get a list of your most popular songs or artists and a list of your most recent artists.

5. Tuning Music Tastes
Ever wanted to compare your Spotify music with your friends? With this website, you can do more than that.

Sample music with friends on Spotify
You can compare your musical tastes with friends and strangers. The site compares acoustic things, excitement, energy and dance to American Central.

Space Insight Music Tastes
My songs are 4% higher than the US average for happiness.

spatial insufficiency
You can see which are the best, the artists and the musicians. 6. Run the BPM
To run BPM is another Spotify website where you need to select a playlist and then filter the tracks.

You have to choose the energy, excitement, dance and BPM you want in your song.

run bpm spotify
Then click “Save Playlist” and a new playlist will be created with songs matching the filter.

seven. find out soon
Do I use this site on a daily basis? certainly not…

Quickly Find Spotify Songs
I’m always on the lookout for new songs, so this might be my favorite part of the list.

I love creating Spotify playlists or editing old ones!

Sometimes it can take a long time because you have to listen to almost all the songs to decide what you like or dislike.

Find out soon. Listen carefully to this song.

Just select the playlist you want to listen to. Hover your mouse over the album cover to start playing the best songs. 8.Dubolt
Dubolt is a website for people who want to find new artists and new songs.

When you link the site to Spotify, you’ll see the artists you just listened to.

Or, depending on where you follow.

Dubolt’s new song
You can click on a single contest or artist, or you can click on several. The website then creates new songs according to your choice.

If you need a special option, there’s a slider on the right that lets you choose whether you want a cooler, slower, or more danceable song.

9. Kaleido Sink
I don’t know if you remember the visual artifacts we had on our computer a few years ago.

But if I see it, feel like it, and think I can do it with Spotify music, thanks to Kaleidosync, I can!

Spotify Music Visualizer
ten. type of music
SortYourMusic is the perfect name for this site. Because yes… kind of music!

type of music
You can sort the music from loudest to quietest or quietest to loudest.

On the other hand, you can do the same with things like BPM, dance, volume, etc.