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Effect of sex on memorization. Feb 05, · Sex may boost your memory Or at least it might if you're a rodent. A study found that, compared with rats who were . effect was seen as being'consistant with past literature in which the use of a mnemonic memory aide improves memorization. The sex by mnemonic device effect was view d in terms of the idiosyncratic nature of qinemonic memory aides. Whereas males may have been more able Author: John Thorne-Thomsen.

Thirty two males and thirty two females performed at a memorization task in which lists of words were presented either auditorially or visually. In addition to mode of presentation and sex, two other independent variables included mode of response; words being recalled by writing or orally repeating them, and mnemonic device effect; subjects being instructed to use bizarre images aide or Author: John Thorne-Thomsen. Though some people find porn entertaining, they don't necessarily remember what they've seen. That's because viewing Internet pornography may interfere with short-term memory, according to new Author: Lindsey Konkel.

May 22, 2012 · Abstract. This paper aims at studying the effect of the colors of e-commerce websites on consumer mood, memorization and buying intention. On the basis of a literature review a conceptual model is proposed, showing the effects of the color of e-commerce websites and specifically of its components, hue and brightness on the behavioral responses of the consumer, memorization and Cited by: 54.