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“Looks weird.” Sip. “Tastes amazing.” Sip. “10 nutritious veggie boosts?” Sip. “Still looks weird.”4.5/5(44). From hearty, handmade, savory soups chockfull of wholesome ingredients – to taste-tempting salads/wraps made from scratch and packed with crisp greens and an infusion of exotic flavors – Naked Greens serves up daily dine-in dishes and easy on-the-go alternatives for your healthy lifestyle.

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Remember, the way that ingredient labels work is a hierarchy. The ingredients with the heaviest volume are placed at the top of the list. In the case of Naked Juice Green Machine, the good ingredients that offer the most health benefits, such as wheat grass, ginger root, barley grass, parsley and green algae are all basement dwellers on the label. Jul 24, 2013 · Seen this lawsuit on facebook a couple moths ago after drinking down a half bottle of the naked green,,that was my favorite,,i had been drinking them off and on for about 3 months,,,I wanted to gag,,when i seen this,,and i will not buy any more,,,,started to make my own juices, this is BS.