How to skyrocket your chances of winning the lottery

If you are like me, you may enjoy playing the lottery, but still wait for the big win. It’s possible you’ll be disappointed that you don’t get many of the ‘little wins.

I was once one of those people who were disappointed every week.

While everyone knows the odds of winning the jackpot are high, many thousands still win smaller prizes every week on games such as the UK National Lottery. It just seemed that I wasn’t one of them.

This was before I discovered some secrets that only a select few people know and use every week to –

A) greatly increase their chances data sgp of winning a jackpot
b) Win smaller prizes on a regular basis

These secrets are what? Thank you for asking…

Playing more games is one of the best ways to increase your chances of winning. You might say that this means you have to spend more money. But the point of winning is not to spend it!

You’re right, but was I referring to paying more to play?

Simply put, play more games to increase your chances at winning. You can play multiple times for a fraction of the usual cost. There are also ways to play completely free.

How do you do it? Here’s how it works:

You will need to be part a well-organized syndicate in order to play multiple times at a fraction of the cost.

I have heard horror stories about lottery syndicates winning, and then someone taking the winnings. Or once-families fighting through the courts.

However, I did refer to being part of an organized lottery syndicate. A well-organized lottery syndicate that employs a proven mathematical formula that allows you to win more with the same numbers as if you had played alone… even for lotteries that are as highly regarded like the UK National Lottery.

I know what your thinking. “How could that be?” How can you win more if you share your winnings with a syndicate of lottery players?

It’s a good question, let me explain…

You can play smart and combine your spending power as part of a syndicate. This is true for any lottery, but let’s take the UK National Lottery for now.

You can choose 6 numbers between 1 and 49 to play the UK National Lottery. Let’s suppose you are part of a syndicate that includes 49 people. The lottery syndicate purchases 44 tickets every week by using its spending power. Each week, it has the same five numbers.

Why 44? Another question…

You can choose six numbers per entry if you have five numbers. If not, you can just buy 44 tickets with the 44 numbers that you don’t have.

This approach is brilliant because you are guaranteed at least one ball in every draw. In the UK National Lottery example, you need only match two numbers from your syndicate to win a prize, rather than three if you play alone.

Because of how math works, there will be
Multiple winning lines in the 44 are possible when you win… which means more money for the lottery syndicate.

If you match the same numbers, your winnings with the syndicate lottery method are higher than if you were playing alone. There are also more chances of winning more often…

Your chances of winning the UK National Lottery Jackpot increase by 702%