How do I get 1 TB of secure cloud storage space for free?

Everyone of us is aware about the benefits of using cloud storage.The major benefit is that you can access your data from any device. For this you only have to connect your device to the internet to access your cloud data. Many people are facing problems with file security and privacy while using storage spaces. Anyone who chooses the cloud and file sharing platform. He must consider the protection and privacy security of his files. TeraBox is a reliable and stable cloud storage application, which has attracted much attention for many years.

It provides customers with 1TB of free cloud storage space, which is enough for most people to back up files in their devices and send large files. It provides first-class security assurance and respects the privacy of customers. It uses a stable file switching protocol to ensure that all the files are uploaded, and downloading from the server can reach their respective destinations without interruption.

If you have been trying to find a reliable and free 1TB storage application to back up or send large files, it’s a good choice. You will learn more about this by reading the following articles.

About TeraBox – Provider of 1 TB Free Cloud Storage Service

It’s a storage and file sharing platform that has many customers around the world. A Lot of people are relying on this to back up, and share documents on their devices. Its 1TB free cloud storage makes it the favorite for customers who can upload or send large documents over the Internet. For the same storage, the price of its competitors exceeds $10 / month.

You can use this from any device, including a large number of computer systems and mobile devices. They have separate applications for Android, IOS and Windows. For Mac customers, you can license it by using the official website. After the application is installed on the device, you must create an account to start using 1TB of free online storage. They also provide 2TB of additional services for users who need more storage space to back up or send large data. You only need to spend $3.90 per month.

In addition to providing such a huge storage space for free, they also guarantee complete protection for all data saved on its server. In addition, it also has functions such as privacy space security, which can protect many sensitive documents from other people, and users can access these documents without other operations. For this, see the following sections.

Core Features (Excluding 1TB online storage for free)

  1.     Privacy Space Safe

This feature allows users to add an extra layer of privacy and security to the files they have backed up on their account. With Private Space Safe, you can lock some of your most sensitive files with a password that will be required every time you or anyone else tries to access these files.

  1. Offline Download

They also allow you to download any of the backed-up files for offline access, whenever you don’t have internet. That is a very handy feature, especially for users living in areas with unstable internet. You can download some of the files you use more often and store them on your device’s local storage.

  1.     Automatic Backups for Photos and Videos

They allow users to automatically back up the media files to free cloud space. Once you install the app on your iPhone or Android devices, you can turn on automatic backup to have all your photos and videos sent to your storage without having to do it manually. This will ensure that all your favorite memories are safely backed up and can be accessed on any of your devices using this app.

  1.     Automatic Photo Classification

It will automatically group your photos into different categories to make it easier to find a specific photo at any time.

  1. Video Playback

You don’t have to download your backed-up video to play them. It has a built-in video player that allows you to watch your videos right from the cloud. This will save you time and storage space that you would have wasted if you downloaded every video file before playing it. The video player also supports multi-speed support.

Users Reviews

Of course, I have also collected some user feedback for your reference.

Alex Beshears (11/03/2022) – 5 stars

“I’m doing the trial version and it was hard to learn a little, but it works on phone storage, rather than SD storage. Seems like the free version grabbed from the SD storage, while the trial version didn’t. The magnet didn’t work, even while a torrent downloader grabbed it up. ”

Vernon Hill (15/04/2022) – 5 stars

“I never write reviews, but it has been an irreplaceable tool for me and other students. I love being able to create, edit, and revise documents from a number of devices. On my phone, I mostly use this app to print documents out wirelessly to my printer. ”

Matthew Anthony (19/04/2022) – 5 stars

“With Google’s recent changes to their photo app, I’ve been searching for a worthy replacement and have finally found it. Space is not “unlimited” but you do get a tb for free which is rad. Backups are quick and thorough (with other services my high volume of photos did not transfer well), you can upload specific albums, it intelligently matches faces and the search option is pretty decent as well.“

Dakota Lukenbill (01/05/2022) – 5 stars

“Been using it for like 2 years now and I’ve had no issues so far, It could use a “sort by” option but it’s not a huge issue for me. The 1 TB of cloud space is not clickbait or anything; you actually get 1 TB. Upload and download speed is pretty fast too; you can upload like 100 music files for example in just a few minutes.”

Jonathan Hayward (11/05/2022) – 5 stars

“The app is great. Easy to use and navigate. I have not encountered delays in uploading files like the google drive. I have had a bad experience with it lately. This offers a large storage for free. The one thing I love about this app is it has the option for us to delete our account and data we uploaded from their server permanently.”

Madison Rucker (17/05/2022) – 5 stars

“This is very helpful. Especially for those who like to take pictures every time. Those people in it for example. They always take pictures of them or things almost all the time. I’m not like them but I like to take pictures of videos to know the titles of what I want to watch next time. Cause I have a lot to watch later videos.”

Final thoughts

TeraBox is a satisfactory free cloud file storage solution, which enables you to quickly store and share large files. No cloud company spends money on 1TB storage, but they are providing users with 1TB storage space for free. In addition to the huge storage space presented, its customers also feel secure about the security and privacy of their documents.

Download TeraBox free now, and start to get 1TB of free cloud space. You can use it to save and share large files online.