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One of the rumors that have swirled beyond proportions is the allegations that Tom Cruise is actually gay. For many fans, this came as a very big surprise since the ‘Mission Impossible’ star is known to be ladies’ man. It is in the public domain that he has had up to 8 romantic relationships with different women and married three times.Author: Heightline. The Gay Plot: A Few Good Men, a phrase Cruise has surely said to himself many a night, is another one of those boring, all-too-familiar military court room drama snoozefests. But there are a lot of gay undertones to this one too. Notice all the butch military guys .

Jun 11, 2006 · Answers. Read this article: Tom Cruise: Really Not Gay by Mark Armstrong Jun 4, 2001, 7:00 PM PT When Tom Cruise says he's not gay, he means it. Just a month after suing a gay porn star, Cruise has filed yet another $100 million lawsuit--this time against a man who allegedly claimed he had a videotape supposedly proving Cruise is homosexual.Status: Open. Sep 14, 2017 · Dead mobster's last confession: 'Tom Cruise is not gay'. I t doesn't quite rank up there with "Either those curtains go or I do," but some of the last words of a deceased mobster may go down in their own kind of infamy: Tom Cruise is straight. A new biography of the deceased con artist, jewel thief and art forger Johnny Fratto sees Author: Telegraph Reporters.

Is He Gay? Tom Cruise’s love life took off almost as fast as his Hollywood career and since then, his sexuality has always kept the media buzzing. Cruise and fellow veteran actor John Travolta once made headlines at some point for the wrong reasons after rumors emerged that the duo shared a secret gay romance that lasted for three decades. It was further speculated that the veteran actors’ bonding was aimed at helping Travolta Author: Iheoma. No. Tom Cruise has been married to three different women. For some reason, him being gay has always been a speculation, but unless Tom Cruise comes out and says, “I am a gay man,” then I’m not going to believe he’s gay. I don’t believe baseless rumors about anything, much less .

Jan 15, 2016 · Private eye reveals allegations about Cruise’s trysts with porn star ‘Big Red.’. In 1998, he sued a British tabloid that alleged their marriage was a sham. “I’ll bet any money I’ve ever made, plus Tom’s, that he doesn’t have a gay lover and that he doesn’t have a gay life,” said Nicole Kidman.Author: National ENQUIRER Staff. Aug 01, 2018 · Tom Cruise is a nice guy. At least according to these stories. Did you know he sends Dakota Fanning a birthday present every year?Author: Hunter Harris, Ethan Sapienza.