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Jun 20, 2017 · Same-Sex Parents Still Face Legal Complications. Image. Nonetheless, they are in the middle of doing a second-parent adoption. June 20, 2017; Author: Elizabeth A. Harris. LGBT Adoption Articles. Statistics show that more and more birthparents are considering LGBT families over traditional opposite-sex couples. To complement the facts, an abundance of materials have been published to educate birthparents, adoptive parents, and society about gay adoption and parenting.

Gay and Lesbian Adoption and Parenting. The legal rights of same-sex parents, from adoption to coparenting to second parent rights. There are special issues for lesbian and gay singles and couples who want to adopt or who are raising children. This article addresses adoption for LGBT singles and couples, as well as parenting and the rights of Author: Nolo. Jun 25, 2007 · Gay adoption: A new take on the American family. more and more same-sex couples are turning to adoption and foster care to form families, .

May 26, 2015 · This can happen explicitly, as in Mississippi (“adoption by couples of the same gender is prohibited”), or effectively, as in Michigan and Louisiana—where gay marriage isn’t legal, and Author: Andrew Giambrone. The legal rights and responsibilities that arise out of gay and lesbian adoption and co-parenting are not always that clear based on differing laws among states. Learn about gay and lesbian adoption laws, and more, at FindLaw's Adoption Law section.

Although gay couples’ legal right to marry has been settled, their right to adopt has not been. While there are no barriers to gay adoption in several states, other jurisdictions put up various.