Colorado Potato Beetle – An Early Garden Pest

Colorado Potato Beetles really are a quite common insect to the home backyard garden and can get uncontrolled pretty promptly. The potato beetle is usually a dilemma not just to potatoes but to eggplant, peppers and tomatoes also. The beetles entire body in It can be Grownup stage is yellow with black stripes which has a orange colour head with black places. The larva of the beetle is usually a orange red colour with black places. Equally the adult as well as larva will feed on potato leaves along with other crops.

The potato beetle will see shelter in the soil for that Wintertime months and become Lively during the spring in the event the temperatures start to increase. They begin feeding on on weeds and will start feeding on early potato foliage because it emerges as well as before. A potato beetle will burrow into the bottom and start having foliage just before it even emerges.

The eggs with the potato beetle is often a orange-yellow shade and the feminine will lay eggs in batches of about two dozen at a time. She will lay about five Weed control Colorado Springs hundred or maybe more eggs in the four to 5 7 days time frame. The eggs will hatch in 4 to 9 days as well as larva will start out taking in leaves.

An entire developed potato beetles larva will burrow into the bottom to pupate. This process can take about 5 to 10 days. Once the adult beetle emerges it is going to begin laying eggs in a couple of days. Enough time it will take a potato beetle to produce from egg to adult is as tiny as 20 a person times. There is as several as three generations of beetle in one year of time.

Crop rotation is rather useful inside the Charge of these beetles in conjunction with useful insects much like the predatory stink bug and parasite flies.

Companion planting to produce an environment to draw in birds as well as other predators that will help defend the plants from your Colorado Potato Beetle.

A surroundings friendly and healthier way of gardening. Natural Gardening is away of gardening in harmony with mother nature. Growing a healthful and successful crop in a way which is much healthier for the two you along with the surroundings.

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