Card Games by Hipe

Hipe invented many of the popular card games that we play today. His games all make use of the standard deck of 52 cards, but each one has different objects and play styles. In the game Eleusis, for example, players choose a single card from the deck. The dealer then tells them whether or not they played that card legally. Players then have to figure out what the dealer is thinking before they can move on to the next round.

Phase 10

Phase 10 is a card game played with four players. The object is to be the first player to complete all ten phases. The player who completes the last phase with the lowest score wins the game. If there are ties, a tiebreaker round is played in which tying players attempt to complete phase 10 of the previous round.


Speed card games by Hipe are simple yet addictive games that can be played by players of all ages. Players compete to place cards in order on the table so that they end up at the top of the pile. The game ends when one player has no cards left in their hand. Typically, the first player to run out of cards wins. In some variations of the game, additional players can be added to the game.


Eleusis is the site where the Greek Goddess Demeter sat by the well. This temple was considered a Shrine of Mysteries and initiated members of the Eleusinian Mysteries would eat a special drink known as kykeon. This drink was infused with ergot, Slot demo a psychotropic fungus. After they had finished the drink, they would enter the underground theater known as Telesterion, which was thought to represent the death and rebirth of Persephone. This was believed to be a magical experience and would leave the initiate radically transformed.

Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy is a classic card game. It is played with a standard 52-card deck. A set or run of three or more cards of the same suit is called a “Standard Gin”. To knock a pair, a set must have ten or less points of deadwood. A run of fewer than six cards is called “going Gin”.


Spoons is a card game in which players must match four cards of the same number. A player can pick up a card from the person on his or her left or right. The leader can regulate the number of cards that a 0070layer can put down. The game can be played with up to six players.