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Side Dish Recipes for Duck - Wondering what to serve with your duck dish? Browse our collection of wonderful and easy side dish recipes for duck's perfect partner. I'm planning on cooking duck breast for my dad's birthday and am not sure what kind of side dishes to serve. I'm planning to serve the duck breast sliced rare and with a sweet sauce. Right now I'm planning on serving sauteed greens (spinach or swiss chard) cooked in a little duck fat and garlic. I'd.

Serve your beautifully seared duck breast with delicious squash and rice, glazed sweet potatoes, cheddar biscuits & more. Get the recipes at Tasting Table.Author: Editorial Staff. 5 Great Side Dishes to Serve with Duck RECIPES. A very sophisticated, delicious main course to serve during a dinner party is duck. And you can truly appreciate duck only with a side dish that enhance the savor of duck meat. If you intend to cook a duck for your guests or for your family, you need to pick the perfect side dish.

Feb 07, 2007 · I was thinking of cooking duck breasts for my girlfriend as a Valentine's meal. Initially I was thinking of serving them with mashed (pureed) potatoes and a cherry/wine sauce but then I thought - why not send the question out to my fellow hounds? Any suggestions as to what to serve with pan seared duck breasts? Thanks in advance, Mike. Duck breast with golden crisp skin and a deeply rich and rosy interior can be better than a steak. I often wonder we don’t cook more of it at home. I admit I often overlook this date-night alternative, but it truly has all the ease of chicken breast and decadence of steak. You won’t need more Calories: 255 per serving.

Read the Side dishes to go with roasted duck? discussion from the Chowhound Home Cooking, Duck food community. Join the discussion today. I'd sort of like to serve potatoes of some kind with the duck, though I don't have any concrete ideas as to what I want to do with the potatoes.