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Feb 01, 2018 · Cooking duck breast at home is as easy as one, two, three. First, score the skin so the fat can quickly render away. Second, cook it low and slow for tender 5/5(3). Whether you’re all about the crispy skin or the rich meat, we can all agree duck is divine. Here at ChefSteps, we perfect duck breast by presearing the fatty (read: delicious) skin and using Joule to cook the meat at the precise temperature we want.Our favorite duck breast is pink in the middle, truly tender, and decidedly juicy, but sous vide makes it easy to choose your own preferred level.

Duck is just a bird, like chicken, and honestly it is pretty easy to prepare. Also, as people get more adventurous, duck is available in most good supermarkets and almost every butcher worth their salt will have some ready for you. For this maple glazed duck breast, just 4.5/5(5).