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Aug 28, 2017 · Tips For Epilating Bikini Area - Best Epilator For Bikini. It's completely safe to use an epilator on the pubic hair, but it will not be pain-free. Keep reading for my best tips on how to epilate the bikini area, plus my reviews on the Best Epilators For Bikini. Epilating - Bikini Line Clean Up. There are plenty of reasons to get rid of excess hair near the bikini area. Athletes need to prevent chafing, people who sweat a lot may want to guard against excessive odor and other people just like to have a clean smooth look.

Braun Women’s Epilator, Silk-épil 7 – Best Overall Bikini Line Epilator. Braun is probably the company that’s most committed to bikini line epilation, and it has a range of epilators for a variety of uses. Of the brand’s products, the Silk-épil 7 is probably the best epilator for the bikini line.Author: Bloom. 1. The skin around the bikini area is particularly delicate and sensitive and will need some preparation before you begin epilating. 2. Taking a warm bath or shower before you epilate will open up your pores and make hair removal much easier when using the Braun Silk-épil epilator.

Which epilator is the best? We have carefully reviewed the 8 leading epilator's available, some are using the latest technology which can remove the finest hairs - 0.02mm! Some of them can be used on the face and body, wet or dry and they are as quick as shaving. Find out . Jul 10, 2015 · Epilator for Body Hair Removal at Home // My experience using an epilator for at-home hair removal. I have thick dark hair and shaving works for a very short amount of time on me.

Jan 03, 2019 · Of course, we compared epilators vs waxing at home for our example here. Getting a wax done professionally will cost much more than this. Winner: Epilator. The cost of epilators vs waxing is the same for the first year, but you’ll see your costs increase linearly each year with waxing while an epilator is a one time cost.