Best Free App to Spy on Text Messages

If you are looking for the best free app to spy on text messages, you need to decide whether you need basic features or the latest technology. Basic spying apps support text message spying.

However, if you are looking for a high level of sophistication, you need to invest in a paid version. We recommend Spylix and XNSPY, which both have excellent features. Moreover, you can also download the GuestSpy app to spy on other people’s messages.


If you’re concerned that someone else may be accessing your child’s phone, Spylix can be an excellent solution. The app can monitor text messages and incoming calls, and it can even track the target device’s GPS location. This feature allows you to view maps and geofence, and can alert you if your child ever leaves the boundaries you’ve set. You can also monitor any apps or websites on the target device, from games to social networking sites.


XNSPY is a free application that allows you to monitor the messages on an Android phone. It can detect text messages and other messages from the device. It can be installed without the monitoring person’s knowledge, but it can be easily detected by the monitored person. The app has a feature that will enable you to restrict the data uploads and block unwanted applications. It is also possible to read contacts and Gmail from the monitored person’s phone.


iKeyMonitor is a great app for free android spy apps on texts and social media accounts. It can also be used to monitor web browsing activity on target devices. You can also set alerts to inform you when your kids are using their phone to look for something inappropriate. Its premium version includes an inbuilt keylogger that records every single keystroke a target user makes on their phone. This feature can be useful for hacking account passwords or viewing deleted messages. iKeyMonitor can also be used to remotely take screenshots of the target’s phone. Even though the subject cannot know that you are taking screenshots, you can save them offline so you can easily access them later.


GuestSpy is a great way to monitor your child’s cell phone activity without revealing the identity of the targeted person. It is easy to install and will not compromise the device’s performance. This application also features GPS tracking, so you can track a targeted person’s location. This is an excellent tool for parents who want to make sure their child is not abusing their cell phones or interacting with strangers.


With the help of mSpy, parents can keep tabs on the messages their children send and receive.

They can also check their calendars and contacts. Moreover, mSpy has filters for filtering out iappropriate content and offers a variety of parental controls. Its key features are: