Beginner’s Guide for best Mask

Skin mask is an important part of every woman’s skin care. If you look in his medicine cabinet or closet, you’re sure to find a tube or box or a gooey gel with something like clay in it. Or you may have seen your spouse, sister or mother walking around with a green face. Besides looking at the ruined ancient Roman tower, what’s next?

The face to face really helps his goal! Some faces serve a particular purpose, while others serve different purposes. The clay face mask is designed to soothe the skin. They do not remove blemishes like the most popular clay, but rather make the skin smooth and even. For this reason, it is recommended to use it before the day and other major events.

Many products contain honey, citrus, and aloe, which are sticky substances that come out of dry, peeling masks.

Clay masks are used to paint over blemishes, especially blackheads. Although it can be made from different types of clay, French (green) clay and kaolin clay are different types. Rosemary oil, aloe, menthol, and mint are also popular ingredients in this mask. The mask may be slightly reddened after use, so it is best to apply it in the evening before going to bed.

Both masks should be applied to clean, lightly moisturized skin. Both are ready to remove after 15-30 minutes, but can be worn longer (although the mask prefers to stay on for 30 minutes unless your mask is a clay type).

These two types of faces can be used together if desired, but never rotated. It is best to apply the mask at night, and you can apply the mask before the big event the next day. After removing both types of masks, be sure to moisturize well.

Applying a moisturizer containing alpha or beta hydroxy acids or retinol after removing the clay mask will add to the facial pores – great product. This acid penetrates deep into the pores, allowing the mask to add the dirt it lacks.

The clay mask with menthol can also be used for the treatment area. If you have large blemishes, apply menthol loaded clay to the affected area and leave on overnight to help reduce blemishes.