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Cuteness that borders on infantilization is common in Asian pop culture -- look up "aegyo" or "kawaii" and you'll see countless examples from Korea and Japan. The cute, aegyo, or kawaii girl is pouty, submissive and ultra-feminine.Author: Adora Svitak. Contrary to popular belief, Asian women do not go under the knife to make their eyes more “Western.” The large-eyes beauty ideal started centuries before Western civilization. In Chinese culture, large eyes are thought to be more womanly, innocent, and doll-like, and align with some of the expected qualities of women in past times – submissive, obedient, and feminine.

May 30, 2012 · Lustrous black hair and impossibly white, porcelain skin mark the struggle of the narrow ideals of Asian beauty. There are 4.1 billion Asians in the world, or almost 60 percent of the entire human race. Some 17.3 million of them live in the United States. Asian cultures are some of Author: Mume Yoshiwara. Flawless Skin. Perhaps the most shocking facet of East Asian beauty is the fact that the male cosmetic industry is booming. In a society where flawless skin is considered an indicator of social success, South Korean males spend more on skin and makeup products that any other male population in the world.