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Is there times we don’t want to have sex well of course. But as my wife put it for the amount of time it takes its not a problem It’s obvious that many women do not want to keep their man Or don’t give a shi. about their well being. If your wife is not giving you sex run. I guarantee you this if you divorce her. I don’t have 20 reasons why I don’t have sex with my husband. The reason is we have been 45+ years and my husband only had sex, intimacy, cuddling and love once in all them 45 years. He hated sex, me and all married life, I was disgusting to suggest that we have sex. We did on our wedding night and to him it was the last straw.Author: Jolene Engle.

Aug 12, 2016 · In relationships, it's important to understand why your partner is rejecting sex with you. There are good ways to respond, and bad. HUSBANDS: This Is Why Your Wife Doesn't Want To Have Sex | YourTangoAuthor: Kyle Benson. Oct 26, 2007 · Q. Menopause and hot flashes have taken my sex life away. My wife is 54 and started menopause at 46. For the past eight years it has been like I am married to my sister. My wife Author: Gail Saltz.

MY WIFE DOESN’T WANT SEX • HELP! MY WIFE DOESN’T WANT SEX – Part 2. I hope men find the above series of articles, from both Paul Byerly and Neil Black, helpful! Next: For Wives Who Do Not Want to Have Sex: I realize that this is a complex issue for the wife who is denying her husband, as well. Mar 30, 2006 · But I don't feel that this is reciprocated.My wife rarely initiates physical intimacy, be it sex or even a quick kiss. My wife doesn't want to have sex. What do I do? you might want to see Author: Dr. Gail Saltz.

Sep 18, 2014 · For every guy who has ever thought, “my wife hates sex,” or, even worse, “my wife hates ME,” I really want to try to encourage you practically today. Usually I write this blog for women, but I do have a fair number of men who read it, and I get emails all the time from men saying, “my wife. Jan 18, 2019 · Mainly because I’m always tired and the last thing I want to do is get naked, show my husband my post-pregnancy body, and have sex. Don’t get me wrong, I Author: Jen Glantz.