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'Hairy Kate & Trashley': Anti-fur protest staged at Olsen twins' book-signing. Sophie Turner 'felt a little defensive' about the fan reaction to Game of Thrones end The Game of Thrones. Oct 03, 2008 · If you don’t have a Halloween costume picked out just yet, PETA has some suggestions for you. It’s part of their latest crusade against the Olsen twins, whom PETA calls “Hairy-Kate and Trashley Trollsen.” “After all, only someone as heartless as Author: Amy Odell.

Dec 14, 2007 · PETA has launched a website called 'Meet the Trollsen twins' on which they have renamed the Olsen sisters, "Hairy-Kate" and "Trashley". The site has a 'Fatal Fashion' interactive dress-up section, complete with pools of blood. My personal favourite, however, is . Dec 11, 2007 · To market this new initiative, peta2 has created a “Trollsen Twins” microsite featuring a dress-up game, where you can dress up “Hairy Kate and Trashley” in bloody fur garments and send your hideous creation to friends, and a “lost episode” of Full House entitled Full House of Horrors, in which the Tanner family learn all about what.

The fun begins with a wacky video which uses an old episode of Full House intercut with some new PETA-tastic content to show Hairy-Kate and Trashley as evil fur-wearers, even as seemingly innocent Author: Jennifer. Technorati tags: peta, campaign, animal, cruelty, fur, olsen, hags, fashion, twins, mary-kate, ashley Heh. PETA is pure genius! Have you met the Trollsen Twins, “Hairy-Kate†and “Trashleyâ€?. PETA has launched a website called “Meet The Trollsen Twins” on which Mary Kate and Ashley Oslen have become Hairy Kate and Trashley Trollsen.

Oct 06, 2008 · Not one to back down, PETA has an online game called “Dress Up The Trollsens” where users can add bloody carcasses and other animal parts to the twin of their choice. Just in time to Halloween, you can also order a “Hairy-Kate and a Trashley” mask because “only someone as heartless as a troll would wear the skins of dead animals.”. Oct 28, 2008 · Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen just signed copies of their new book, Influence, at Barnes & Noble. And look who greeted them outside — none other than PETA2 supporters in their Hairy-Kate and Trashley Halloween masks! (Incidentally, PETA2 is PETA’s baby sister.) Leave it to the Olsens to make it feel like Fashion Week year-round.Author: Amy Odell.