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Glenn Beck's anti-gay army of God Skip to main content. contact Same-sex marriage will lead to churches being "forced to hire active homosexuals," pastors "imprisoned" for preaching against. Glenn Beck is trying to give viewers a version of American history that is supposedly hidden. Supposedly, all we historians—left, right and center—have been doing for the past 100 years is to keep true American history from you. And that true American history is what Glenn Beck is teaching. It's a version of history that is beyond skewed.Education: Sehome High School.

Glenn Beck. Dan Crenshaw has EPIC response for Young Turks host who said he lost his eye because a 'brave soldier f***ed his eye hole' TheBlaze Staff. 22 August 'We cannot cross this line': Glenn Beck warns 'red flag' laws could lead to civil war in America TheBlaze Staff. 21 August. Aug 08, 2010 · Is Glenn Beck a gay homosexual? I'm aware he has a wife. But I'm asking that you please use the power of your combined gaydar, to tell me whether he is or not.Status: Open.

This is highly significant, I think:Conservative firebrand Glenn Beck has joined a growing chorus of Republican commentators in defending gay marriage, laying out a strong case for ending govern. Yesterday, Glenn Beck's new website The Blaze posted two videos from Beck's 8/28 rally of “black conservatives taking a real stand in the face of adversity” -- the adversity being heated.

Glenn, summarizing Rick Santorum's remarks, explained that gay marriage changes the equation to: 1 Male + 1 Male = Marriage OR 1 Woman + 1 Woman = Marriage Glenn explained that if we make the argument that we can change one variable (gender) then you can also change the other variable (number of Author: Wilson. Jan 23, 2019 · Glenn Beck. CEO/Founder Asians, and call for the death of Jews and homosexuals. You hear a sampling of pretty much all of that on the viral video taken Friday at the Lincoln Memorial. A former member of the Black Hebrew Israelites says they use fear tactics to break down new recruits and brainwash them. Recruits are urged to join camps and Author: Glenn Beck.