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ISSUE 272 } august 2017 Just some of your regular GT technique experts richard barrett One of the best players around, Richard is adept at most styles but truly excels in the bluesier side of rock. West starts off aggressively smacking the sides of the cage, trying to intimidate the eager cocksucker. But the minute the cage is opened Wagner turns the tables on West, choking him with his own rock-hard tool. West regains control of the situation by flipping Wagner over to lick his throbbing hole.

Poll: Have a new story in mind, but having trouble picking a new title, what do you like? The story is a Full Metal Alchemist/Naruto crossover. I'm not going to give away many details of it, but it's basically Edward and the others teaching a young Naruto not only ninja acts, but alchemy and other things. Vote Now! His Jazz Metal album is considered a milestone. Richard Barrett One of the finest blues and rock guitarist we know, Richard is a stalwart columnist for Total Guitar, Guitarist and GT. He’s also.

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