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Jan 23, 2008 · Eric the Midget called in, so Howard played a bunch of threatening messages that Eric left for Gary. Eric stood by what he said in the messages, as he really didn't want Gary to book his "girlfriend," Kendra, on the show. Gary claimed he could use his . Jan 10, 2008 · Eric the Midget called in to say Howard was an asshole for not picking up his call and being rude to Meyer Lansky II yesterday. Howard informed Eric that he didn't book Meyer on yesterday's show or have any obligation to pick up calls from anyone. Undaunted, Eric continued with his list of.

Jun 21, 2008 · When asked whether she was really Eric's girlfriend she simply said that she's a girl and she is his friend, Eric is a boy and he's her friend.[28] When the call was over, Stern and the crew then taunted Eric since Eric said there was "no chance in hell" that she would be on the show. Eric also claims that his girlfriend Kendra is serious with him and not with Johnny Frato Jr. To check out Eric’s girlfriend (who has him as her 13th friend on myspace) go to www.kendrassecret.com. This is Kendra telling Eric the Midget how she really feels about him. LOL. Read Full Post».

Eric the Midget (real name Eric Lynch, aka Eric the Astronaut, Eric the Shitty-Penis, and Eric the Gay Actor) is a failed abortion and frequent caller to The Howard Stern Show.. Though he was born sometime last Thursday, he has outlived every prediction of lifespan by nearly threefold.Until 2014. Apr 19, 2016 · Eric lured her into his modeling agency (Eric's Shitty Modeling and Talent Agency) and she was never heard of again. According to a girl who escaped (Candy), she is now probably just a head, because Eric and Johnny Fratto were harvesting body parts to rebuild Eric.