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Here’s a look at what’s to come on the Xbox next week from February 21 to 25. A total of ten games will arrive on the Xbox next week, and it’s a lot, especially what awaits Xbox fans at the end of the week. You can read more about Digital games for xbox

While no release is scheduled for Monday the 21st, Tuesday is starting to go well with three games, Destiny 2: The Witch Queen undoubtedly has the highest profile. This latest expansion of the game developed by Bungie (which will arrive in the X / S series and will be optimized for it) comes four years after the release of the original game and is the sixth major expansion for the online shooter. . The trio that ends on Tuesday consists of Monster Crown, the pixel trainer of the monsters at the root of the Pokémon franchise, and Synergia, a visual novel with a cyberpunk theme.

Here’s a look at what’s coming to the Xbox next week from February 21 to 25 – – February 18, 2022
The Witch Queen of Destiny 2 expansion comes this week in the X / S series. Wednesday’s team has two matches: Dr. The world of oil and explosives. The first is a lightweight 2D platformer; The latter is a platform game that prevents running and jumping with candy cane and lollipops to blow your main character over obstacles in the game. It looks like a more original concept of the genre, at least.

On Thursday, the 24th, we will see another three Xbox releases. It includes a digital edition of the board game Istanbul as well as a graphically minimalist platformer called Light Up the Room. Thursday’s release closes on the show Tux and Fanny, where the main characters embark on a spectacular expedition to promote their football.