All About Anastasia Music Box

When most people think of a music box, they think of a pastry box or a decoration in a small cupboard. Little dancers can turn to recent music for about a minute. The music box is available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Each plays its own sound and gradually changes tempo from fast to slow until you need to rewind. The music box tells a fascinating music story. He sat quietly in the place until someone else wanted to hear him. In my music box there is a special story about a Russian archduke called Anastasia and the Romanov dynasty.

Tsar Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra
The Romanovs ruled Russia from 1613 until the start of the Russian Revolution in 1917. Tsar Nicholas II was the last Tsar of Russia and the father of Grand Duchess Anastasia. Anastasia is one of five children. He has three sisters and a younger brother. She was known for her sense of humor and good humor. Anastasia grew up during the political transition in Russia. At the age of 16, Russians began to protest against the Tsar’s rule. Tsar Nicholas II abdicated the throne following the turmoil and was forced to exile his family to Siberia.

The Romanov family was murdered at the Alexander Palace.
After the overthrow of Tsar Nicholas II, the Bolsheviks took control of the Russian government in 1918 and imprisoned the Romanovs in the Ural Mountains. Shortly after their arrest, Bolshevik guards killed the family. Rumor has it that Anastasia and her brother Alexei escaped, but no one knew where they were.
Over the next few years, more and more women asked Anastasia. Everything went wrong. All but one. Anna Anderson even believes Anastasia’s surviving parents that she is a true Grand Duchess. It wasn’t until 1993, nine years after Anna’s death, that scientists discovered through DNA testing that Anna wasn’t really Anastasia. The true fate of Anastasia and Alexei remains unknown today.
Anastasia (1997 film)
1997 20th Century Fox animated film Anastasia is based on the Romanov massacre. This is not the true story and facts of the Romanov massacre and the Russian Revolution. The myth of these events which focuses on the legend of Anastasia disappears more than the actual story. Catherine PalaceNicholas & Alexandra Anastasia Music Box

Nicholas & Alexandra Anastasia Music Box is a beautiful music box from the animated film, playing the song “Once Upon a Time in December”, which Anya sang while trying to reminisce about the past. Each time the wound box, there are two images that turn to sound, supposed to represent Anastasia’s parents, Tsar Nicolas II and Alexandra. This music box is a collection of the San Francisco Music Box Company. The music box does not come with the neck Marie put on Anya in the movie. The outside of the music box is decorated with faux pearls and gold colors. There is a dark green color around the bottom and top of the box. When you open the box, on the inside top is a very elaborate display of a white royal swan surrounded by glass and framed by a gold border. Black velvet lines the inside of the pedestal with springs holding the dance floor in place.
production process

Anastasia Music Box is a music box with 18 notes. The music box features a music comb cleaner to play notes by adjusting the length of each tooth. Short teeth make tall letters and long teeth make low letters. These brushes attach to a metal block that holds the cylinder with a small handle that pulls out each tooth as you squeeze the handle. The motor with the spring coil produces an electric motor that allows the cylinder to continue after its injury.
A music box is something that transcends time. It was first developed in Switzerland in the 19th century and quickly spread to other parts of the world. It is a luxury that the family can afford. Since then it has been modified and modified to create a variety of designs and sizes.
There are several types of music boxes. It can hold up to 72 files and can have additional alarms for set music. There are also digital music boxes, but they don’t produce the same classic sound as the standard model. A music box can be as small as a pocket watch or as large as a grandfather clock and its price varies.
my music box
While visiting a grocery store in Philadelphia, I saw Nicholas & Alexandra Anastasia Music Box. Since I watched animated movies many times growing up, I immediately knew what it was and the story behind it. I still admire the music of the film and the beauty of the box itself. Exploring this jewelry box inspired me to explore the story behind the film and learn more about the dancing characters. The story of the Romanov family murder is haunting and mysterious. Knowing this, you can see this music box as a charming object.
Now the music box is in front of my eyes and it reminds me not only of animated films, but also of the legends and history that inspired it. For some, this music box may be a collectible, but it’s more than that. It represents the fall of the dynasty, the beginning of the revolution and a mystery that will never be solved.