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The California Adult Literacy Professional Development Project (CALPRO) fosters program improvement through a comprehensive statewide approach to high-quality professional development for the full range of adult education and literacy providers. CALPRO . Q4. Is the new teacher orientation an orientation to the hiring institution or to Adult Education? A4. New Teacher Orientation is an orientation to Adult Education. Any orientation to the hiring institution would be handled separately and would not exempt new hires in adult education from the new teachers’ orientation.

Professional development is some form of education for teachers that can enhance or better their teaching or classroom environment. Some professional development workshops are an hour or two, while others may be a week long. Some classes can also be counted toward professional development hours as approved by the board of education. NCFL provides professional development for adult educators in both face-to-face and online formats. These professional growth opportunities are centered around supporting instructors with strategies to maximize their effectiveness as they help adult learners upgrade their skills, earn a high school equivalency credential, and successfully transition to postsecondary education and the workplace.

Nov 12, 2015 · To encourage a culture that values knowledge and growth, develop professional development formats that support adult learning theory. Creating learning communities, peer coaching, collaborative action research and live lesson observations all support the principles of adult learning. / Professional Development / Characteristics of Adult Learners. While the basic principles of teaching and learning apply to both teaching youth and teaching adults, there are key differences when working with each group. To facilitate the learning process for adults, it is important to understand the characteristics of adult learners, the.

Essential Education’s college level courses take a very different approach to professional development. Instead of just scratching the surface, each course is a deep exploration into critical adult ed teaching skills and how to apply them immediately into the classroom. Why Professional Development for Teachers is Critical. Variables are the school, teacher, student level related to the level of learning within the classroom, parent and community involvement, instructional strategies, classroom management, curriculum design, student background knowledge, and student motivation (Marzano, 2003).