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against the wind productions Founded by Elise Salomon in 2016, Against the Wind Productions is an American film and television company developing and producing projects that provide a platform for unique and under-served voices with a focus on original content that embodies groundbreaking cinematic aesthetics and a true passion for storytelling. Another neon, Pissin’ Against the Wind, presents the titular idiom as if the letters were being carried off by a breeze. Both are neat productions but feel—a perennial risk with this medium 3/5.

A futile waste of time and energy. buy the domain for your art site. 1) Taking the more difficult "routes" in life 2) Doing the abnormal.

Pissing Against the Wind May 20, 2016 · É com uma grande tristeza que nós, restante dos membros da P.A.W, viemos por meio deste post anunciar uma pausa na banda por tempo indeterminado.Followers: 552.