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A Family Guide to Guardianship in Kentucky: Questions and Answers. Printer-friendly version. You can go directly to a sub-section of this long document by clicking one of the topic headings below. What is Guardianship? When is a Guardian Needed? Who Can Seek Guardianship? Subsidized Guardianship – Kentucky Kinship Care Program Offered to kinship care providers (related by blood, marriage, or adoption) willing to permanently care for children. The Kentucky Kinship Care Program is considered an alternative to foster care and provides a monthly subsidy of .

assets be considered in order to qualify for a subsidized guardian-ship and/or to determine the payment amount. Both Kentucky and Louisiana allow a child to begin receiving subsidy payments before the guardianship or custody arrangement is finalized. In some states that fund their subsidized guardianships through. Kentucky's old guardianship law (KRS 387.500). Various changes to the law were made by the 1984, 1986, 1990, and 1994 General Assemblies. The brochure explains the law and the amendments and in some cases points out how it is different from the old law. Real-life.

Several types of guardianship have been established by KY guardianship law. Guardianship of the person is the most expansive guardian relationship allowed by Kentucky guardianship law, and is the kind of guardianship typically assigned when children or very severely disabled people require a guardian. Feb 03, 2011 · The right way to arrange for guardianship of an impaired adult will depend on the state you live in, but generally, the first step is filing a petition for guardianship with the court system. Once you file a petition, there will usually be an investigation conducted to determine whether or 66%(10).

guardianship services for adults CHAPTER INTRODUCTION: The Cabinet for Health and Family Services is authorized by KRS 387.600 to be appointed guardian for legally disabled adults who have been adjudicated as incapable of making informed decisions regarding personal and/or financial affairs and for whom no other able, willing, or suitable. • In Kentucky, public guardianship results when the courts appoint the Cabinet for Health and Family Services to serve as legal guardian, instead of a private citizen or professional organization.