Insomnia symptoms among Greek adolescent students with excessive computer use - insomnia from computer use in adults


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Jun 20, 2003 · June 19, 2003 - Playing a video game or finishing up some work on computer before bed may keep you awake long after you turn the computer off. . Insomnia complaints among computer usage categories. There was no statistically significant difference between students with and without insomnia complaints when examined as to the age of computer use initiation, while frequency of computer use was statistically significantly correlated with insomnia complaints, with a small effect size (eta.07).

Insomnia, by definition, means you can't sleep. When it happens frequently, it is known as chronic insomnia. Learn more about the symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment of insomnia at WebMD. Find out how insomnia affects teenagers and simple steps to take to counter the problem. but real physical and psychological problems can be primary or secondary to sleep deprivation and insomnia in young adults. Causes of Teen Insomnia. video games and computer use while getting ready for bed, regulating diet and exercise.