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However, there are a few simple steps and guidelines that will increase the potential amount of facial hair growth that you can achieve. In order to grow facial hair while you are young, the best method is to wait until you have ended puberty before attempting hair growth practices. Some young men have a problem growing facial hair, which can impact their self esteem. Unfortunately, the ability to grow facial hair depends largely on your genetics. However, there are some techniques that you can incorporate into your daily life that may aid in the growth of facial hair.

Do all guys get the same amount of facial hair? No. Just like all guys aren't the same height, the amount of facial hair varies from one guy to the next. That's because the amount of hair you have, how dark or light it is, and where it grows on your face, is largely controlled by your genes.Author: Joseph Saling. Aug 09, 2019 · A physical change that is common to most teen boys is the appearance and growth of facial hair. If your teen seems to be anxious about his mustache, or why he doesn’t have a beard yet, our suggestions below may be able to help him. So, read MomJunction’s tips on how to help your teen facial hair to grow faster.Author: Debolina Raja.

For Asian young boys, the best beard look is to keep the hair only on the jawline. Keep a slight mustache and let your hair grow long. Chinese guys of all the ages are known because of their distinguished hairstyles. They usually opt for long hair, but above their neck area.Author: Aliza.