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There's a good reason why I feminised my husband Kitten accepts his role as Daddy's sissy. Where There's Smoke. Sissy Kitten begins to unfold his butterfly wings. Ozzie goes beyond The Pink Door. A misogynist gets taught a lesson. and other exciting erotic at! The Sissy slut submits to the Piggery. The transformation continues, straight to Sissy fag wife. The real transformation begins, straight to Sissy fag wife. Sissy is now used hard by her Wife Mistress and her Master. and other exciting erotic at!

Through the decades, We’ve been able to curate one of the largest, and most erotic collection on the ‘net here at the House of Sissify. So put on your favorite lingerie, mix yourself your favorite cocktail and dive into your favorite sissification stories – from humiliation to true life stories of transformation! The next day, Friday. A wife finalises the transformation of her husband. Man gets over his head and changed. An 18 year old senior feminized by his teacher. and other exciting erotic at!

Sissification can be said to be the Hypersexualized version of Feminization, where rather than being Womanly the Sissy is Girly & Slutty. But that is where both Fetishes are focused on the Feminine. Meanwhile, for Sissification, there is a heavy emphasis on Erotic Humiliation, and this is where there is a great divergence. Stories involving Bondage, Domination, and S&M. Nifty continually needs your donations to keep this free service available. Please report any stories that violate the Nifty Archive Submission Guidelines due to excessive graphic violence, unwilling participants, or non-consensual activities.