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State of Arizona Adult Inmate Management System (AIMS) Replacement Project Project Status Report Arizona needs to limit legislative or policy changes for the duration of the basis for the Department’s Request for Proposals for Consultant Services for Adult Inmate Management System (AIMS) Replacement released in February 2012. "AIMS"Adult Information Management System"GRITS"Gang Related Inmate Tracking System"S"Suspect- Have at least 2 points of validation criteria evidence"V"Validated - Validated member with 10 or more points"D"Debriefed"STG Unit"Investigations staff"SSU"Special Services Unit. Uniformed staff on unit level that monitor STG activity"SSU Lt"Complex Lt. Coordinating SSU's collection.

Solicitation Amendment No. 5: RFP No.: ADOC14-00003350 / 14-025-23 - Adult Inmate Management System (AIMS) Replacement Note: Amendments may be issued to active solicitations at any time. It is the responsibility of the Responder/Offeror to routinely check this site for solicitation amendments. The development of new information retrieval methods, as well as the improvement of existing ones, is currently one of the hottest frontiers in the field of information science. The number of reasons for taking courses in and/or majoring in MIS at the Eller College of Management is as vast and varied as the number of individuals who have chosen.

Arizona Department of Education’s Purpose: “Ensure all Arizona children have the knowledge to determine their future, are prepared to achieve their goals, and be successful citizens.” Grants Management’s Vision: “Expanding educational support for Arizona’s communities.” Grants Management’s Mission: “Committed to serve our customers by delivering the highest quality support. What is the abbreviation for Adult Information Management System? What does AIMS stand for? AIMS abbreviation stands for Adult Information Management System.