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Adults from all over the world fly to Arizona for 36 individualized swim lessons - 6 sessions of 3 hours each! In just 4 days you learn to swim without any typical home,- work,- or family- distractions. We guarantee your swim success, defined as 30 unassisted pool crossings on . The Adult Group Swim Lessons classes are designed for participants with all backgrounds of swimming experience and skill levels. We have a skill level for you, whether you are new or returning to swimming at the beginner level, have some style of defined movement/ swim stroke in the intermediate level, or are able to swim laps already in the advanced level!

Swimming lessons for babies are typically less expensive than swimming lessons for adults. Learning to swim takes practice and repeat exposure, so many schools offer monthly tuition, which allows your child to attend at least one group class per week. Higher tuition can be paid for unlimited monthly group classes. Adult Swim Lessons in Phoenix. AquaMobile Swim School offers private adult swim lessons in Phoenix that cater to every expertise level, from those just entering the pool for the first time all the way up to advanced swimmers hoping to improve their technique.

Learn to safely swim and dive for fun and exercise in group or private lessons. The Valley of the Sun YMCA’s trained swim lesson instructors teach adult participants of all swim levels to meet new challenges as they set personal goals. Participants progress at their own pace and develop the skills necessary to swim safely for fun and exercise. I also taught fitness classes to preschoolers and swim lessons to adults. I graduated in 1990 with a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Arizona. I love to teach swim because I love swimming and I want everyone to know how fun the water can be.

Swim Lesson assessments are 8 a.m. - noon April 20, at MMRA and Eldorado Aquatic Centers and 1 p.m. - 5 p.m. at Cactus Aquatic Center. Youth Swim Lessons. All lessons are 30 minutes in length. Lessons must meet minimum enrollment levels and will be cancelled one week prior to the start date if that level is not met. Besides Phoenix, we also offer swimming lessons throughout Arizona, including: Adult Swimming Lessons Phoenix. Private Swimming Lessons Phoenix, AZ. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back! AquaMobile Swim School wants to make sure you get the best private swim lesson experience in Phoenix, AZ. If for any reason you are not happy.