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Keeping your family together. At Family Adult Day Care, we offer a vibrant home-like social community for your senior loved one to enjoy their day while receiving the care they need. Care is provided by trained nursing staff, which means we can handle even complex health needs. The Adult Family Care Home is a residential home designed to provide personal care services to individuals requiring assistance. The provider must live in the home and offers personal services for .

Family Adult Day Care provides a warm, and nutritious meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with refreshments at all times. Family provides daily socialization and cognitive improvement activities such as Bingo, Computer class, Music Enrichment, and many more. Happy Family Adult Day Care is set on its mission to provide the ultimate solution for families who have elderly or disabled loved ones that they cannot leave at home during the day. Instead, their loved ones can be dropped off at our adult day care center where there are recreational activities, safety supervision and delicious meals prepared.

Some centers operate as standalone facilities, while other adult day care programs are held in hospitals or places of worship. For many families, adult day care is an affordable alternative to putting an aging family member or loved one in a residential care facility like an assisted living community or nursing home. In this way, adult day care.