The Importance of Banner Advertising in Online Marketing

In the world of marketing and Internet advertising there are several ways to make your business work and get your products noticed, a very popular tool that is used by search engine advertisers is referred to as PPC campaigns, a good example is Google Adwords, this product allows advertisers to show their services to potential customers by using a contextual system. PPC platforms are effective 먹튀폴리스 to some extent but more users are more attracted to a good looking banner than a simple and generic looking text link.

Despite the great success PPC campaigns have had, the use of banners has not decreased at all, on the contrary, more and more Internet advertisers are using them in order to drive visitors and potential sales to their websites. Banners are very effective tools in search engine marketing because they have a good click through rate, in average a well-designed banner can pull five to 20% CTR, which is very impressive compared to simple text ads.

There are several types of banners as well as sizes and shapes, each one is designed with a different purpose in mind which makes them perform very well. Some are very effective if you place them at the top of your website or your website header, others will drive a lot of clicks if you place them within your content as an illustration and footer banners perform really well if they are particularly large.

Websites are usually divided into several regions, these regions may cover the sidebar, the content, the header and the footer. Banner used in the header may vary in size, some normal sizes are 700 x 100, 720 x 100, and some websites even use 640 x 88 banners; advertisements which are placed on the sidebars are usually vertical, you may use square or vertical images, popular sizes are 100 x 100, 250 x 250, 100 x 700, 80 x 468, and so on. Those placed within your website’s footer are different because they are meant to grab a visitors attention before they leave the site, you may use a particularly large advertisements in this area however, you must pay attention to the file size because keeping a fast loading website is also important for your search engine optimization efforts.

The technology used to create these visual advertisements varies, some banner design firms may use GIF formats to create their ads, some banner designers may use flash technologies to create more animated products which will obviously bring more clicks than visitors to a client’s website.

Choosing the right banner design firm is critical for your success, you must always pay attention to their level of expertise, website design, and prices quoted for each and every project, a good banner designer will work with different technologies in order to create visually appealing material according to your requests. Finding out what their turnaround time is should also be in your to-do list because some promotions and programs are created to be time sensitive, in other words, you would not run an advertisement which was meant for the winter season during summer, or a promotion which was meant for Christmas during Easter just because your Banner designer failed to deliver the content on time. Creating a checklist is perhaps the most important tool when it comes to choosing the right banner designer or Banner design firm.