Mark Roemer Oakland Discovers Ways to Cut Costs When Setting Up A Website


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, building a website from scratch can cost a lot of money. Without careful consideration and proper planning, the total cost of the project may scale up to thousands of bucks. Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce the overall cost of setting up a new website.


The Ways

Here are a few ways to cut costs when setting up a website:


  1. Use a premade template – Hiring a web developer to build a custom website takes a lot of money and time. However, using premade templates reduces the cost and time by several folds. In fact, the process is far less complicated since there is no design or coding work involved. There are tons of options available for WordPress users in almost every category.


Some of the most popular marketplaces that sell premade templates include Theme Forest, Elegant Themes, Template Monster, Solo Stream, and Themify.


  1. Use stock photography – Hiring photographers to click unique photos for your website is costly and not feasible for the long term. A better option is to subscribe to a stock photography website such as iStock to download stock photos that look professional and are cheap as well. A subscription service offers better value for money than cost per download option. And, if you are really limited on budget, you can look into free stock photography websites such as Negative Space and Death to Stock Photo.


The best option is to click your own photos to add a touch of authenticity. However, you need to click pictures with a good camera or at least, edit the pics to look professional.


  1. Limit the number of web pages – Every page you add to your website requires extra content such as text and images to be added to your website. This takes extra resources and adds to the cost of the website. However, with proper planning, you can spend your money more wisely. For instance, when planning the structure of your website, limit the number of secondary pages and remove tertiary pages unless they are necessary for the short term.


In fact, you should limit the number of pages that have no potential to earn you your money back.


  1. Do some of the work yourself or in-house – It’s not an effective strategy to off-load all the website-building work to a third-party. By doing some of the work yourself or letting your in-house team do some of the work, you can reduce your expenses and may even be able to get the job done faster. For instance, if your team has a content writer you can assign him tasks related to writing content. The same should be the case for employees who are skilled in graphics designing. You can manually test the features of the website to check for errors or even take up the task of creating the web pages on WordPress.



Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you reuse content from your old website, if you have one, to further reduce the cost of building a new website.

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